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Amp Clothing Co. is taking the stress out of sizes! There can be an unhealthy amount of pressure on sizes and wanting to be a specific size. Which can lead to a negative body image and an unhealthy balance of love:body. We have implemented our own exclusive sizing systems to allow women and girls to choose their clothes more confidently, based on positive affirmations.

For some, it doesn't just end with a negative body image. The negative effect a size can have on you mentally/physically is real. Did you know, we may be measuring our own self worth based on the size of our clothes?

Sadly, It's true.

I've been there, and I know I'm not alone. The cycle is almost difficult to break (once it's recognized), but not impossible. Being a "size" you don't want to be can lead to self hate. You hate yourself, the clothes, and the way you look in them. Regardless of what you ACTUALLY look like in them. Perception is NOT reality. Over time, your mind will believe your distorted perception.

When you remove the traditional size, based on words and numbers we then associate ourselves and our self worth to; you can actually appreciate the clothes for what they are, and YOU for who you really are! You wear the clothes more confidently and can appreciate yourself and the clothes for their real worth... and that cannot be measured on any scale!

How To Determine Your Amp Clothing Co. Size:

  1. Match measurements to corresponding phrase or emoji on appropriate size charts {above}.
  2. Love your clothes and body without comparing it to your size! photo A6B5E7DC-CBA0-4051-A7AC-FADE62EE4A3D_zpsryqndpz5.jpeg" />