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Why We Do What We Do...

I {Ashley-owner of Amp Clothing Co.}struggled with an eating disorder most of my life and have spent more than half of my life starving in order to gain some self worth. Now that I have my own daughters, I never want them, or any other woman or girl to feel that torturous pain. Through my recovery, I knew I had to do something with purpose, I had to get my message out to all women and girls.. and that was that we are worthy of love, and deserve to love ourselves first. So, I created a clothing line built on self love and body positivity.

Amp Clothing Co. was created to inspire women and girls to love themselves and embrace their own beauty. I'm doing this with an exclusive sizing system. Instead of traditional sizes, our clothes are categorized by positive affirmations and cute images. Therefore, we will no longer associate our worth based on a "size", taking the stress and negative emotions out of sizes. We may actually be letting sizes control our self worth and emotions; we are looking for validity in a size and that is not okay. 

I believe that we are all deserving of love, but you can't give love if you don't love yourself first. You can't be happy always wanting to be something or someone else. I am hear to empower women and girls to love themselves as they are, and teach them to realize they don't need to change themselves to find happiness or self worth! 

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